Introducing: Inspex Explorer & Library

Inspex Explorer is a platform designed to be an all-in-one blockchain & smart contract security platform. The platform consists of various applications which offer a source of security audit information of several decentralized applications and other security solutions. The first application that will be introduced to the platform is “Library”

Library, a data hub of security audit information, is putting audit information and audit reports at your fingertips. It allows the users to explore through a list of awesome and secure platforms tested with Inspex’s security standard. Even if you are not a smart contract-geek, Inspex’s Library is your friend. In the application, audit information has been summarized and represented in an easily understandable and referenceable format.

This is the main page of the application which is a list of secured decentralized applications including finished projects, in-progress projects, and also the projects that are waiting in the queue (onboarding). Users can search through the list with a project name or project’s token name in conjunction with some filters.

Inspex’s Library (main page)

After clicking on the “View Project” button, this will navigate to the platform page with more audit details such as scope detail, contracts in scope, and findings information.

Inspex’s Library (project page)

Ready to explore? Lets go to:



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