Inspex Library Major Update — Better UX/UI and New Features.

3 min readAug 19, 2022


The Inspex Library has made significant improvements to its aesthetics and ease of use and can also display more detailed audit information.

Inspex Library is a smart contract audit dashboard that collects smart contract audit results in one place. Projects using our smart contract audit service will be displayed in the Library with their audit statuses as Onboarded, Auditing, Consulting, or Finished.

Inspex Library is created to allow the decentralized application users that prioritize the security of platforms they are using, whether it’s DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, or NFT, to quickly and confidently gain access to the audited platforms’ audit information and reports.

To meet the needs of more users, we have improved the structure and added more convenient functions with improvements and additions of the following components:

  1. Better UX/UI: The interface has been revamped, allowing the users to easily browse through the projects and platforms that have been audited by Inspex.

2. Improved Search and Filter: The search menu is improved, and the filter. feature is added, allowing the users to selectively look through the platforms using the following filter categories:

  • Audit Progress
  • Verified Status
  • Blockchain Network

3. Enhanced Project View: The key information that the users want from the audit results is now clearly shown on the project information page. This includes the summary of the vulnerabilities found, brief details on the risk of each vulnerability, how the platform resolved each vulnerability, and the status of each vulnerability on the reassessment.

And that’s our brand new Inspex Library our development team has been working on for the past few months. The team is now focusing on developing new security solutions that will surely improve the security level of decentralized applications.

We will passionately continue to improve our services and security solutions to safeguard the decentralized world. For more news and updates from us, please follow Inspex through our official social media channels: Twitter, Telegram,




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